Renovate your water, sewer & storm pipes

Spray In Place Solutions specializes in the rehabilitation of piping systems
for water, sewer, industrial, commercial and storm drains.

  • Clients save up to 66% the cost of pipe replacement
  • Increase pipe's C-Factor up to 120%
  • 95% less environmental impact
  • We only need 5% of the trenching and excavating
  • 85% quicker completion than traditional pipe replacement
  • Absolutely zero customer downtime

More third party testing than any other coating

Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation


Steps in Our Process

All of our pipe lining solutions follow a similar process, custom tailored to your infrastructure's specific needs.

Pipe System Assessment

The internal plumbing system is mapped and we develop and implement a plan to minimize disruption.

Cleaning & Surface Prep

The current system is cleaned– and repaired, if necessary– in preparation for the lining process.

Epoxy Lining

Our proprietary technology lines pipes from the inside with a safe, protective, NSF/ANSI-61-certified barrier approved for drinking water.

Client Evaluation

We extensively test our systems for volume and flow levels, with computerized camera systems and standardized leak tests.

Our clientele

These are just some of the possible applications for our processes.

High & Low-Rise Buildings

Office Complexes and Towers

Condominiums & Co-ops


Universities & Schools


Gated & Assisted Living Communities


Potable & Sanitary Water Systems

Fire Suppression/Sprinkler Systems

Underground Sanitation Systems

HVAC and More