Structural Spray-in-Place Pipe Rehabilitation

Most Third Party Tested High-Build Epoxy Coating

Spray in Place Solutions (SIPS) inserts an innovative robotic system to camera, clean and then coat the inside of your pipes with an environmentally safe, non-porous “high-build” epoxy coating that adheres like car paint.


(SIPP) is an environmentally conscious approach with repairs occurring “in-situ”, mitigating the negative community impact normally associated with ‘ripping and replacing’ an aged piping system

Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

Steps In Our Process

Our process is custom tailored to your infrastructure’s specific needs. Our Team has more experience than any other in rehabilitating all type’s of piping systems.

1. System Assessment

Our Team will CCTV video your entire system and consult with your team to develop and implement a plan to successfully address your needs and minimize disruption to your community or at your facility.

2. Cleaning & Surface Prep

The current system is cleaned and repaired, if necessary in preparation for the lining process.

3. Client Evaluation

We extensively test our systems for volume and flow levels, with computerized camera systems and standardized leak tests.

4. Epoxy Lining

Our proprietary technology lines pipes from the inside with a safe, protective, NSF/ANSI-61-certified barrier approved for drinking water.

5. Client Evaluation

Our proprietary technology lines pipes from the inside with a safe, protective, NSF/ANSI-61-certified barrier approved for drinking water.

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Why Choose Us​

Spray In Place Solutions (SIPS) is the Market Leader in the Rehabilitation of Pressure Piping

Our Team has coated 100’s of thousands of feet all across America, having traveled over 500,000 miles rehabilitating municipal, industrial, commercial and residential high-rise piping infrastructure  

We have roughly 90% of the history of spin casting the Warren Environmental Epoxies nationwide, the most third party tested coating in the industry 

Why Choose Us​

SIPS uses the Most Innovative Technologies Available

We utilize an innovative robotic technology to ‘Camera, Clean and Coat’ the inside of pipes. We apply an environmentally safe, fully plasticized, non-porous, ‘high-build’ epoxy coating that adheres to the pipe wall like car paint. After curing, we turn over a structurally rehabilitated ‘like new’ pipe with an added 75 year engineered life expectancy. 

Up to 66- savings (1)
Why Choose Us​

SIPS Saves Time, Money, and Disruption

Our technology needs only 5% of the excavating, 10-15% of the timing and impact, and also saves our clients around 50% of the costs versus traditional open-cut replacement. 

Why Choose Us​

SIPS and Warren: Good for Your Environment

It’s an environmentally conscious approach with repairs occurring ‘in-situ’. Warren Epoxies have passed every stringent potable water quality requirement in states across the country. It’s a single coat, NSF Certified, 100% Solids, Zero VOC, Structural, Aquatic Safe epoxy coating. 

Why Choose Us​

Significantly Increases the Flow Capacity of Your Pipes

After rehabilitation you’re left with a fully plasticized non-porous interior that nothing will stick to or tuberculate onto again. In most cases, for our water main clients, we double, triple or even quadruple their current flow capacity. On average, a coated pipe has a C-Factor of between 100 to 110, which is maintained for the rest of the life of that pipe.   

Why Choose Us​

SIPP Technology has Distinct Advantages over the Current State-of-the-Art

We intimately bond and adhere to the host pipe wall like car paint. Water or sewage cannot get behind a liner and cause failures, as often happens with CIPP.

We follow the bends and turns of the pipe spraying from the center out, so we don’t create pinches and choke points like those found in CIPP. This is a major advantage in pressurized pipes.

We do not seal off T’s, branches or service laterals all the way down to 3/4″. Unlike CIPP, there’s no need to follow behind with robotic cutting tools that may creating other problems like leaving a lip on a liner that isn’t intimately bonded.


Industries Served

These are just some of the possible applications for our processes.

High & Low Rise Buildings

Office Complexes and Towers

Condominiums & Co-Ops


Universities & Schools


Potable & Sanitary Water Systems

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Communities

Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants

Fire Suppression / Sprinkler Systems

Underground Sanitation Systems

Military / Naval Bases





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