Municipal / Utilities

Our pipe heating system dries up to 700 feet at a time for cleaning and quick curing time.

Time-Proven Technology in Underground Pipe Restoration

We offer the most advanced epoxy pipe lining system available anywhere with our model 459 Robotic Spray Application system. This technology has been successfully used for hundreds of miles of underground water mains worldwide. This superior epoxy application process can reline pipes from 2 inches to 60 inches and can go up to 700 linear feet in one pass. This allows for water mains to be restored without ripping up streets. The system is capable of applying multiple products and can be used for fuel lines under airport tarmacs.

Conical spray head used with our underground robotic spray application machine.

Revolutionary Application in Building Systems Pipe Restoration

We also have revolutionized pipe restoration and elevated industry standards with the introduction of our model 302 Robotic Spray Application system, designed for horizontal and vertical pipes. Now any pipe in high rise and low rise buildings can be relined with the same absolute precision as our Robotic Spray Application for underground pipes.

This highly specialized technology, developed by our team of engineers, has never been available until now. No other company offers you the expertise and technology our team brings to each job, nor do they deliver the high level results. Our computerized system will calibrate and apply varying thicknesses of epoxy in the same pipe and can adjust to accommodate fittings. The end result is a uniform, perfectly smooth lining that improves and increases efficiency and prevents costly leaks, all without disturbing encapsulated building columns and ceilings. Pipes can be lined up to 500 feet at a time.

Our conical spray head applying a precision epoxy coating inside of a clear PVC pipe.

Where It’s Used

Potable Water
Distribution Mains
Vertical and Horizontal Sanitary Water Systems
Fire Suppression /
Sprinkler Systems
HVAC Systems
Mask group
Gas Lines

Our Process


The internal plumbing system is mapped and we develop a plan to minimize disruption. Access is granted at the top and bottom of vertical systems and in two places for horizontal systems. Next our computerized pipe snake video inspects pipes and digitally records findings. The recordings are reviewed with property management before we begin the restoration process.

Preparation & Cleaning

We install vacuum hoses at the bottom of risers. Pipes are dried with heated, compressed air. A safe cleaning method is determined based on the amount of corrosion present. All tuberculation is removed using a conical media application head on entire length of pipe. This is required to bring the carbon steel to NACE number 2 near white metal standard of clean for superior adhesion.

Epoxy Lining

Before applying epoxy, the internal pipe surface is heated to the optimal temperature. We apply plural epoxy with a pressurized and heated umbilical cord system. Precise millimeter applications are taken at various thicknesses as each job requires, with basic standard set at 3 millimeters. Our epoxy is NSFA 61 potable water certified and withstands thermal limits from 34-180 F. After the pipe is lined with epoxy, heat-dried air is applied and ensures prompt curing time.


The pipes are video inspected. Then the system is closed and pressure tested with compressed air. If diligence proves pipe sections that are beyond restoration thresholds, our emergency repair team, staffed by skilled union labor, has a fully equipped mobile repair shop.