How Affordable Is Trenchless Pipe Repair or Rehabilitation vs Traditional Repair?

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 If you are in need of pipe rehabilitation, you are probably weighing the pros and cons of your various options. Affordable pipe repair is not always easy to find. Whether in residential, commercial, or municipal settings, your underground pipe repair cost will often be higher than what you expected.

However, the costs of not maintaining pipes are even higher. Putting off the project for later usually isn’t an option.You’ll need to carefully compare pieces to find the most affordable pipe repair solution available.

The good news is that today, you have a relatively new, more affordable pipe repair alternative available. The cost of trenchless rehabilitation is typically far lower than the non trenchless pipe repair cost would be. When you compare the cost of trenchless pipe repair vs traditional repair, or trenchless rehabilitation vs trenching methods, it becomes clear that there is no contest. 

Often, homeowners, municipal planners, or business owners wonder why the difference in the cost of trenchless pipe repair vs traditional repair is so remarkable. It’s not due to any difference in the durability, quality, or safety features of either repair method. Let’s take a look at a few of the factors with the greatest impact on underground pipe repair cost. 

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Examining why underground pipe repair cost has historically been so expensive is worthwhile. It can help to explain the huge difference between the cost of trenchless pipe repair vs traditional repair. Since trenching has so many downsides, Spray In Place’s pipe rehabilitation solutions are a great alternative to costly repairs.

Traditional Repair: Why Open Trenching Can Be So Expensive

Open trenching refers to the traditional method of digging a trench that goes all the way down to the pipe surface. The trench must expose all parts of the pipe that need maintenance, so this method typically involves moving and then replacing large amounts of soil. What makes this method’s underground pipe repair cost so high? Several factors contribute to its enormous price tag.

The Impact of Soil Removal and Replacement

City ordinances typically dictate the required depth for various types of trenches. These are often between 24 to 36 inches deep for water or waste pipes. Removing enough soil to access underground pipes is a labor-intensive process. Once soil is removed and the project is complete, grass and landscaping has been destroyed. It can take well over a month for sod to take root on a lawn, and the installation adds to your total project costs. 

The Expense of Heavy Equipment

Open trenching typically involves the use of a trencher: a piece of heavy construction equipment designed for digging ditches. Trenchers come in various shapes and sizes. There are small trenchers you can walk behind, similar to a push-style lawn mower. You can also buy or rent huge trenchers with space for you to ride inside. The size you need will be determined by your project, but it’s typically high. You’ll need support from the manufacturer or dealer, as trenchers wear out quickly due to the heavy lifting they perform. You may also need a trench box: a structure designed to provide support inside the trench and prevent walls from caving in during the project. 

The Price of Labor Over an Extended Period

Affordable pipe repair is hard to achieve when projects drag on for days. In the case of a 2-foot trench that’s 8 inches wide, you may be looking at a digging time of around 12 hours. That doesn’t include the time it takes to complete the work needed on pipes, and to fill in the trench and repair the soil surface. If you’re paying for hourly work, open trenching becomes expensive very quickly.

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The Cost of Reimbursement for Damages

A lot can go wrong during an open trenching project, and property can be damaged in the process. You might accidentally strike a line or pipe that doesn’t belong to you, causing functionality problems for someone else. Your project might involve destroying landscaping or structures that belong to someone else, and you’ll be expected to pay for damages. Since open trenching can be dangerous to workers, you’ll need to be mindful of the potential cost of work-related injury.

The Cost of Repairing Pavement and Roads

Open trenching often involves destroying sidewalks, roads, or driveways that are built over the pipe. Pavement must be cut with a saw and removed. After the project, the trench must be filled in with suitable material that won’t cause settlement or uneven pavement. Then, the pavement must be re-installed.

The Social Costs of Open Trenching

Traditional underground pipe repair costs aren’t just monetary. In residential settings, having a large open trench in your front yard can be emotionally difficult. The area becomes unsafe for children and pedestrians, and the whole work site becomes an eyesore. In commercial settings, extensive open trenching projects can affect the look and appeal of your business. It can also lead to employee dissatisfaction. In the case of large apartment complexes, open trenching projects can be especially upsetting for residents. 

The social costs of open trenching are even more significant in municipal settings. Traffic must be redirected, and popular community areas need to be closed. The length of many citizens’ commutes will be affected for some time. When roads are demolished, the rough, uneven surfaces can negatively impact drivers’ vehicles. 

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Trenchless Pipe Repair Cost: Why Trenchless Rehabilitation Options Are More Affordable

Why is the most affordable pipe repair or rehabilitation option generally a trenchless method? Simply put, trenchless pipe repair cost and rehabilitation costs are low, because trenchless methods involve less labor, risk, and time. Spray In Place offers an innovative pipe rehabilitation service with all of these benefits.

Less Digging Means Less Time

Trenchless pipe repair cost or rehabilitation costs are often lower, because only a small section of pipe is accessed from the ground level. The length of the pipe is treated with a sleeve or epoxy coating that’s inserted through this small access point. The process is quick–it can take around an hour to complete, depending on the magnitude of your project.

How We Conduct Underground Pipe Rehabilitation Without Digging

Affordable Pipe Repair or Rehabilitation That’s Low-Risk and Minimally Invasive

Without open trenching, there are fewer risks to workers, and less construction equipment is needed. There’s no need to demolish roads, sidewalks or driveways or to replace large sections of lawn with sod. 

Get the Most for Your Money With Trenchless Rehabilitation

The cost of trenchless pipe repair vs traditional repair is also impressive when you consider the durability trenchless methods can offer. While some trenchless methods aren’t as long-lasting, Spray In Place Solutions can provide trenchless rehabilitation that should last around 50 years. 

Trenchless Rehabilitation: Avoid High Underground Pipe Repair Costs for a Huge Variety of Projects

The spray in place rehabilitation method has become truly popular only in about the last 15 years. Non trenchless pipe repair is highly problematic. Trenchless rehabilitation has become the standard for large municipal projects as well as small repairs. While there are still a few limited scenarios in which open trenching is necessary, you can often avoid a high underground pipe repair cost by choosing a trenchless rehabilitation option. 

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Spray In Place Pipe Rehabilitation Solutions: An Affordable Pipe Repair Alternative With Innovative Technology

Spray in Place Solutions offers a high-quality epoxy coating that’s been tested by third parties more than any other method. We use a high-tech robotic system to visualize, clean, and coat the inside of your pipes, and then inspect our work to ensure satisfaction. Our coating is non-porous and environmentally safe, avoiding a high underground pipe repair cost without damaging the environment or the health of your community. It’s clear that the cost of trenchless pipe repair vs traditional repair is dramatically different. You can avoid costly repairs altogether with our innovative rehabilitation solutions. Contact us today by filling out our quick questionnaire to receive a personalized quote.