City of Aurora

I had the pleasure of working with Spray in Place on a water main lining project in the fall of 2020.  Three sections of water main were identified for this pilot project to try the spray in place pipe (SIPP) process.  The City had previously used cured in place pipe (CIPP) for water main rehabilitation but was interested in comparing the benefits of SIPP for water main rehabilitation.  The three locations were chosen where water main had a recent history of breaks but installing new water main was not desirable due to site restrictions.   Spray in Place was a sub-contractor to a local general contractor that pre-dug the pits before they mobilized and performed the lining of all three sections consecutively.  Prior to performing the lining, two lead water services were replaced and tapped outside of the lining zone and one service was temporary served by a hydrant outside of the lining zone.

All three lined pipe sections have been in service without incidence after the project was completed approximately 20 months ago.  The City will consider utilizing this lining process in the future when desirable project locations become apparent.