Municipal Services: Trenchless Underground Pipe Repair

Featured: Interior shot of damaged underground pipe- Municipal Services: Trenchless Underground Pipe Repair

Are you in need of municipal trenchless pipe repair or rehabilitation? If so, you may already be aware that funding for these projects can be a real challenge. Not only is municipal pipe repair expensive when it involves digging large holes, but it can also hinder access to affected locations. Accessibility issues can have complex […]

What Is Trenchless Pipe Repair and How Does It Work?

Featured: Rows of concrete pipes- What is trenchless pipe repair and how does it work?

When pipe repair is needed, traditional methods leave a lot to be desired. They’re expensive and labor-intensive. Underground pipe repair projects take a long time to complete, and they can severely disrupt activity in the affected area. Traffic may need to be diverted while roads are demolished and replaced. If they’re in affected areas, rooms […]