Is Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Right for Your Business?

Featured: Spray in Place Solution work vehicle on job site- Is trenchless pipe rehabilitation right for your business?

In an era where efficiency and minimal disruption are key business drivers, trenchless pipe rehabilitation emerges as a frontrunner in infrastructure maintenance. You’re likely seeking a solution that offers less downtime and aligns with sustainability goals. This is where trenchless pipe rehabilitation, especially for industrial sewers and municipal and commercial in-building systems, shines as a […]

Water Main Rehabilitation Revolution: Insights from Houston’s Trenchless Technology Success

Featured: Corroded and damaged pipe- Water Main Rehabilitation Revolution: Insights from Houston's Trenchless Technology Success

The City of Houston’s initiative to rehabilitate a critical 24-inch cast iron potable water main using Spray In Place Solutions (SIPS) signifies a pivotal shift in addressing urban water infrastructure challenges. This article will give you a deeper exploration that reveals broader implications of water main rehabilitation for cities nationwide that are grappling with similar […]

Comparing Pipe Restoration Methods: Why Spray-in-Place Stands Out

Featured: Comparing Pipe Restoration Methods: Why Spray- in- Place Stands Out.

There are a number of pipe lining solutions in use today to support underground infrastructure maintenance, providing exceptionally cost-effective pipe repair options. This article examines the need for eco-friendly restoration methods, covers the innovative plumbing solutions available, and provides a comparative analysis of trenchless pipe restoration.  What Are the Concerns with Underground Infrastructure Maintenance? There […]

Sewer Force Main: How It Works and How to Repair It

Featured: Open trench with old, broken sewer pipes- Sewer Force Main: How it works and how to repair it

The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that the approximate length of the force main system in the US is 60,000 miles or roughly 7.5% of the wastewater system. While the systems are of great benefit, failure can release millions of gallons of raw sewage into the environment, resulting in health risks and massive clean-up costs. This […]

How Trenchless Pipe Lining Can Fix Potable Water Systems

Featured: Close-up of cutting a section of water main pipe- How Trenchless Pipe Lining Can Fix Potable Water Systems

America’s municipal water systems comprise over 1.2 million miles of water mains, with 240,000 water main breaks annually. That results in considerable disruption to a city’s water supply plus the work, expense, and traffic disruption of replacing those pipes. On top of that, consider that roughly 18% of those aging pipes are constructed from asbestos […]

How We Conduct Underground Pipe Rehabilitation Without Digging

Featured: Interior of pipe with Spray in Place camera technology- How we conduct underground pipe rehabilitation without digging

Are you in need of pipe repair or pipe rehabilitation? If so, you probably know that digging to access extensive pipe surfaces can pose an expense and inconvenience to your community. But even with the best pipe maintenance, your pipes will eventually degrade due to tuberculation, intrusion, and a host of other unavoidable issues.  Many […]

What Is Trenchless Technology and Rehabilitation?

Featured: Spray in Place employee standing by SIP work vehicle- What Is Trenchless Technology and Rehabilitation?

Pipes are typically out of sight and easy to ignore–until something goes wrong. Well-maintained pipes are essential in order for homes, businesses, towns and cities to function effectively. When something goes wrong with your pipes, regular routines are immediately disrupted. You may have to call an emergency crew to come and solve the problem right […]

Municipal Services: Trenchless Underground Pipe Repair

Featured: Interior shot of damaged underground pipe- Municipal Services: Trenchless Underground Pipe Repair

Are you in need of municipal trenchless pipe repair or rehabilitation? If so, you may already be aware that funding for these projects can be a real challenge. Not only is municipal pipe repair expensive when it involves digging large holes, but it can also hinder access to affected locations. Accessibility issues can have complex […]

What Is Trenchless Pipe Repair and How Does It Work?

Featured: Rows of concrete pipes- What is trenchless pipe repair and how does it work?

When pipe repair is needed, traditional methods leave a lot to be desired. They’re expensive and labor-intensive. Underground pipe repair projects take a long time to complete, and they can severely disrupt activity in the affected area. Traffic may need to be diverted while roads are demolished and replaced. If they’re in affected areas, rooms […]