Miami’s Pipe Restoration Solutions: SIPP Epoxy Treatment

Featured: Downtown Miami water main pipe being repaired by work crew- Miami's pipe restoration solutions: SIPP epoxy treatment

Miami, a city known for its vibrant culture and iconic beaches, is also leading the charge in urban water system upgrades and pipe restoration solutions. At the heart of this progress is a 24-inch cast-iron water main, snaking beneath the city’s pulsing streets, now revitalized with Spray In Place Solutions’ (SIPS) innovative SIPP (spray-in-place pipe) […]

Is Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Right for Your Business?

Featured: Spray in Place Solution work vehicle on job site- Is trenchless pipe rehabilitation right for your business?

In an era where efficiency and minimal disruption are key business drivers, trenchless pipe rehabilitation emerges as a frontrunner in infrastructure maintenance. You’re likely seeking a solution that offers less downtime and aligns with sustainability goals. This is where trenchless pipe rehabilitation, especially for industrial sewers and municipal and commercial in-building systems, shines as a […]

Water Main Rehabilitation Revolution: Insights from Houston’s Trenchless Technology Success

Featured: Corroded and damaged pipe- Water Main Rehabilitation Revolution: Insights from Houston's Trenchless Technology Success

The City of Houston’s initiative to rehabilitate a critical 24-inch cast iron potable water main using Spray In Place Solutions (SIPS) signifies a pivotal shift in addressing urban water infrastructure challenges. This article will give you a deeper exploration that reveals broader implications of water main rehabilitation for cities nationwide that are grappling with similar […]

Comparing Pipe Restoration Methods: Why Spray-in-Place Stands Out

Featured: Comparing Pipe Restoration Methods: Why Spray- in- Place Stands Out.

There are a number of pipe lining solutions in use today to support underground infrastructure maintenance, providing exceptionally cost-effective pipe repair options. This article examines the need for eco-friendly restoration methods, covers the innovative plumbing solutions available, and provides a comparative analysis of trenchless pipe restoration.  What Are the Concerns with Underground Infrastructure Maintenance? There […]

Success Stories: Why You Should Choose Spray In Place Solutions

Featured: Spray in Place employee on job site with equipment- Success Stories: Why You Should Choose Spray in Place Solutions

Municipal pipes are not getting any younger. The EPA estimates that 30 percent of water main pipes are 40 to 80 years old, with 10 percent more than 80 years old. Then there are water leaks, with an estimated 23 billion gallons of potable water lost yearly in California’s Bay Area. The repair cost is […]

How Spray In Place Solutions’ (SIPS) Pipe Rehabilitation Prevents Future Issues

Featured: Close-up of interior of corrosive pipe- How Spray in Place Solutions' (SIPS) Pipe Rehabilitation Prevents Future Issues

Today’s municipal planners and business leaders face many challenges in their efforts to maintain safe, potable drinking water for their communities. Among the biggest of these challenges is obtaining the necessary funding. The cost of underground pipe repair or water pipe rehabilitation can be hard to afford, especially for smaller communities. Before investing in a […]

Force Main and Gravity Sewer Wastewater Rehabilitation Technology

Featured: Leaking Sewage system - Force Main and Gravity Sewer Wastewater Rehabilitation Technology

According to an EPA report on the state of wastewater rehabilitation technology, 16,000 sewer systems are serving 190 million people using 740,000 miles of public sewers and 500,000 miles of private lateral sewers. Additionally, an EPA report on force main rehabilitation estimates 60,000 miles of force main and cites that corrosion and structure failure account […]